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Dayspring students wear uniforms. At school, a student’s job is learning; that is the business of school. Our students dress for the task at hand in a way that limits distractions and competition and encourages scholarly endeavors. As students mature, the uniform does as well. The uniform policy can be found in the Family Handbook link above, as well as by clicking the button below.

Our students have the opportunity to purchase specific uniform items from LANDS’ END.

When shopping at Land’s End, please use our school number: 9000-7436-0. Lands’ End partners with Dayspring to donate a portion of the total purchase from Dayspring families back to our school. For items that require a logo, the logo number is: 0230708K.

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Learning is commanded by God to be a full-time spiritual discipline where something of value is
produced by the learner. In addition, learning must be of Biblical origin, accomplish a Biblical purpose with all diligence; and use a Biblical methodology. Furthermore, parents are ultimately responsible for educating their children. In delegating authority to teachers to assist in this process, there must be shared ownership and unity of purpose. To that end, it is the purpose of Dayspring Christian Academy to provide a sound academic education within the framework of the Christian view of God and the world.

The total ministry of the school is geared to meet the following goals:

  1. To encourage the acceptance of Christ as Savior and develop a love for God through His Word
  2. To provide a Bibliocentric and Christ-saturated education for the children of Christian parents
    in Lancaster County and surrounding areas
  3. To develop the full expression of Christian character as seen in such traits as self-government,
    diligence, perseverance, industry, reverence, respect, and responsibility, thereby fitting students to
    be vital members of the Body of Christ and productive citizens in our American republic
  4. To present a curriculum in which all subjects are studied from a Christian perspective, rather than a
    humanistic one; thereby, producing a coherent Biblical world view
  5. To maintain scholastic standards that will challenge the God-given abilities of our students
  6. To emphasize both the art and the skill involved in sound, logical reasoning and informed,
    articulate expression
  7. To reinforce the aims, habits, and discipline practiced in the Biblical Christian home
  8. To promote the spiritual, mental, social, and physical growth of the pupils in the knowledge of
    God, in order that they may develop a fully matured Christian life
  9. To inspire the use of each child’s talents, gifts, and education for the glory of God
  10. To encourage pupils to render service to the school community as well as the local civic
    community as part of their Christian duty

The Dayspring community of families, faculty and staff, and the Board of Trustees share a sacred commitment:

  1. We are committed to the development of SPIRITUAL STATURE in our students, assisting
    parents in bringing them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. This is done through the
    various programs, activities, and curricula of the school. The Biblical Principle Approach does not
    just “integrate” truth into the subject content, or “tack on” a Christian appearance; it approaches
    the subject with the acknowledgment that all truth points to the knowledge of God and then
    identifies the principles of the subject that reflect that knowledge, whether it is algebra, phonics,
    basketball, or study habits. Care is taken to ensure that activities in the life of our school
    consistently direct our children unto full spiritual stature.
  2. We are committed to ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, cultivating the fullest expression of the
    individual through instruction, inspiration, and consecration in intellectual, physical, and artistic
    pursuits. This is accomplished in the classroom by establishing high standards, an enlightened
    curriculum, and by the practice of reflective learning, reasoning, writing, and reading. The tutorial
    emphasis allows every child to learn by receiving help or enrichment as needed. In athletics, art,
    band, drama, speech, and choir, as well as in every academic subject, we call forth this same
    standard of Christ in Whom resides all excellence.
  3. We are committed to the CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT of every child; bringing to bear the
    discipline and conviction of Christian self-government. True Christian character is a thing of great
    beauty and value. All the academic achievement or spiritual knowledge in the world cannot succeed
    without a character molded and strengthened by truth unto usefulness. We design classroom
    procedures, teaching methods, policies, discipline techniques, and dress standards with this goal in
    mind. Our curricula is filled with role models of great character who inspire and offer vision to our
  4. We are committed to cultivating LEADERSHIP SKILL AND SERVICE for the next generation.
    Leadership is serving. We envision that every child will learn to reach outside himself or herself to
    offer a unique contribution to the Lord, becoming others-centered, and taking a responsible place
    in God’s greater purposes. Service projects in the community contribute to this purpose. Our
    students learn to act responsibly toward each other and develop sensitivity and awareness of needs.
    Every child is uniquely precious to the Lord and to us. We believe that each one is chosen and placed
    at Dayspring Christian Academy for eternal purposes. We are thankful for the joy and privilege of
    serving in so vital and worthy a cause and are committed to lay our lives down for the sake of our

Family-Student Handbook 23-24

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